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7 Tips for a Perfect Wedding on a Private Yacht in Dubai

Dress for cruisesIt is really important to be a stress-free bride on your special day. If you are one of that enthusiast who wants to go on an excursion even on your big day we have a perfect plan to rent a yacht in dubai for party - Seven Yachts has created a creative plan through which you can have an amazing experience without compromising on your dreams. A properly planned wedding will surely bring the rush of elation that you will feel only once in your lifetime.

Don’t Forget the Big Picture

When you plan to have a wedding on a yacht or a reception while you cruise, you have to keep the big picture in mind. Before hiring all the particulars and plan your dream wedding, don’t forget to envision it on a yacht. Come to Seven Yachts, spend time on a private yacht charter in Dubai and craft your ideas so that you can shop the perfect things.

Budget Allocation

We don't believe in making a hole in your pocket. It is your dream and we strive to cherish it. We know that you want a perfect yacht charter for your reception or wedding so spend wisely. It is not a necessity that you spend all the saved money on a yacht and stay with little to spend on other things. With a well executed precision of your budget, you can have a fun-filled bang for a buck.


It should be as beautiful as you want your dream wedding should be with a glimpse of the serenity the guests are about to experience. The invitation should perfectly set the tone for your wedding on a boat and excitement of private yacht cruise in Dubai.

Dream the Décor

There are many major and minor details you have to take care of. Where should be musicians standing, from where you will make an entry, what would be the centerpieces on the tables and a floral arrangement of the yacht from low to high end? The variety of arrangement will surely add an aesthetic sense to the whole décor. This is an amazing way to save the money by mixing the various items which aren't much expensive.

Don’t Forget the Appropriate Dress

Menu on yachtsIt is a dream wedding, the dress should be dreamy too! You will also be facing the sun and the wind aboard. So think differently. What kind of flow would you prefer, should you wear a veil or not, what about the length of the dress.

Makeup & Hair Do

You can have a beautician aboard who can set you up with the perfect hairdo on time so that you don't have to face frizzy hair after spending time on a private yacht in Dubai.


It is more than a meal. It is the celebration of your union with a person you are about to live your whole life. Create a special bond with your guests too.

It is good to spend time on the boat prior to the wedding which you choose as your marriage sail. Contact us for further information.