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Gifting a chocolate box in Dubai is trendy since quite a while. Be it a bridal shower, a wedding or a festival, presents are given to your loved ones in every culture and every religion. Dubai is home to diverse populace and hence a variety of gifts are exchanged every day but a box of good looking and good smelling chocolates make any gift worth so much attention and affection.

Being an all-time chocolate lover, there are certain things about chocolates that you never knew and your parents didn’t tell you about because they probably didn’t know about them either;

Besides the International Chocolate day which is observed on September 13th, there are many other days that are celebrated just for the sake of eating chocolates. Be it July 7th, when according to certain myths chocolate was brought into Europe in 1550 or celebrating the National milk chocolate day on July 28th to the National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds day on November 7th we just urge to make our days chocoliciously sweet.

Dark and Milk chocolate is made up from cacao bean which grows on a cacao tree (theobroma cacao), from the family Malvaceae which further includes okra and cotton and this makes this heavenly chocolate you eat, a vegetable.


White chocolate is not really any kind of chocolate strictly since it does not contain chocolate liquor or cocoa solids but however it contains cocoa butter which is a by-product of cacao bean.

Hot chocolate was used as a drink in weddings when the cocoa beans were brewed in Atzec and Mexican civilizations making it the first ever form of chocolate treat although it tasted bitter.

The people of Atzec civilization loved cacao bean so bad that they literally started using it as their currency when the civilization was at its high.

Even during intense military campaigns, wine along with chocolate was made available for French leader Napoleon Bonaparte because he adored chocolate a bit too much.

Being the only edible substance that can melt around just 93 degree Fahrenheit, chocolates just melts on your tongue as you bite it off.

It takes around 400 beans to make one pound of good chocolate making it one hell of a hard job.

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