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Best Off-Road Bikes

Best Off-Road Bikes

Not all riders buy motorcycles in order to travel on good roads. Many people are attracted by off-road tracks and forest roads. In addition, if motorcycles are purchased for long journeys, you will not always be able to ride exclusively on asphalt surface. So that is why many people are interested in how to choose a good off-road motorcycle.

Honda Transalp 650

One of the best off-road bikes is Honda Transalp 650. The main advantage of this vehicle is relatively light weight, which goes well with the powerful V-shaped engine. Performance of the power unit (52 horsepower) is enough for driving at speeds up to 180 km/h on hard surfaces or 120 km/h on bad roads. Of course, the is not the most powerful motorcycle. When it’s fully loaded, its top speed falls approximately 20 km/h at any driving mode.

Quad Bike

The main advantage this motorcycle is its simplicity. A simple carburetor engine was good both in the Sands of the Sahara and in the snowy forests of Siberia. It can be repaired or reconfigured in the field without using complex instruments and electronic equipment. Call mxDubai for quad biking in Dubai at affordable prices!

BMW F 800 GS

A great option for off-road driving is the F 800 GS motorcycle from BMW. Its main positive feature is the perfectly tuned suspension that is capable of withstanding the bumps when riding off-road. At speeds up to 100 km/h it is not necessary to be afraid of motor damage after a jump with another jump — the carter is protected by strong steel frame that will withstand any load. Inline twin cylinder motor with a capacity of 80 HP allows you to reach speeds of over 200 km/h at full load.

Another advantage of this German off-road motorcycle is a wide range of settings of the seat, footrests and rudder. Thanks to this two-wheeled transport will be suitable for people with height between 160 to 190 centimeters.

Yamaha TDM 900

If you need a motorbike which is good for off road but you are not going to operate it in the most extreme conditions, the best option would be Enduro from Yamaha. Its main feature is the "asphalt" suspension settings. However, the bike is good enough to cope with various roughnesses, while maintaining a stable trajectory and allowing the driver to maintain control in any situation.

Source: Speedy Drive Car Rental