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Best things to do in Dubai

While you’re in Dubai, do go and visit the world’s tallest building. Ride the fastest elevator of the world and capture the moment in your head or camera if you can!

When you are done with the fascinating heights of Burj Khalifa, don’t forget to run to the Dubai creek. Take one of the roofed boats and ride across the creek for as cheap as a dirham! Enjoy the ride while absorbing the sun and the calming weather surrounding the salty sea!

The Sheikh Muhammad Center for Cultural Understanding is an awesome place to learn about the history of Islam. It was founded by an Emirati man who married a European woman. The place holds great cross cultural experiences. You can also enjoy delicious food there!

If you are visiting Dubai and planning on sitting home and relaxing or going out for food only, then you’re missing out on the most awesome adventures. Deals Address provides unbeatable deals for tourists and locals in Dubai so that you may enjoy the adventures Dubai has to offer! We offer you the top ten things that are a must when you plan your next trip to Dubai.

Dubai’s public parks are not exactly what you think of when you think of Dubai, but the city holds some of the cleanest and most peaceful beautiful parks. You’d find a cultural diversity in the parks with their families and it will surely be one of the most soothing experiences you will ever feel.





Ravi is one of the Pakistani restaurants in Dubai and combined with spectacular, finger licking, scrumptious authentic curries and a friendly staff, this place is number one for food! It is affordable and delicious! What else do you want?

If you are in Dubai, don’t forget to check out the only seven star hotel of the world! The building is an eye candy and is one of the most photographed structures of the world.

Ski Dubai is an experience that is out of the natures of this world. You can ski in a hot dessert! A huge ski slope is located at the mall of emirates and it may shock you from going from 50 0ะก to below zero, but the experience is worth it! You can even enjoy a hot chocolate while you ski!

If you are in Dubai, do visit the Jumeira Beach Residence walk. This place is like a city within a city! You can even take a ferry out to the see that passes by the beautiful Atlantis hotel!

If you don’t enjoy the ups and downs of desert safari in Dubai then what has you done? Enjoy the cruise while you are also picked and dropped from your hotel! You can also enjoy a Bedouin campsite and try their hubbly bubbly!

If you think that the dancing fountains of Vegas are good, then you will surely find these fountains awesome! Dubai makes them all the most enjoyable to all!