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Steaks, Burgers, Smoked Briskets, Aged Prime Ribs and Jerky Meats.

Dubai, a Heaven for Quality Food Lovers

Dubai is a paradise for food lovers as there is a cultural mixture that clues to the variation in food which Dubai has to offer. There are many food chains and restaurants open in Dubai that follows the regulatory compliances and due to this reason, they are now they are one of the successful food chains in the UAE. Just to meet the standards Dubai has made many of the strict rules which each and every businessman has to follow if they want to keep their business running. So Raqam has been always there for you so that you can stay updated with all the laws over there. World Health Organization has made basically five of the rules which are implemented in the whole world.

  • Separate raw and cooked foods
  • Prevent contamination of food from pathogens
  • Store food at safe temperature
  • Cook food for the proper length of time
  • Use safe water

By keeping in mind this regulation by WHO you can do the successful and top rated food chain anywhere in the world. Just follow these guidelines and you will be in the top names in no time. It is not just necessary for your company but also for the customers who are going to visit your restaurant or buy food products of your company.

Successful business

If you are going to start a food chain or restaurant in the UAE then there are some things which are really necessary for you to keep in mind, which will be good for the expansion of your business, and also will be helpful to get you the high standards. Furthermore, you can also save yourself from any kind of problem related to the food regulations. Dubai has got the variation in food items so it is really important to apply a set of rules to avoid health problems in Dubai

Helpful Services

Moreover, if you gets failed to meet the regulatory then for sure there is Raqam who will get you out of any kind of problem if it is legal as per rules of the government of UAE. They will keep you updated with all kinds of laws and regulations which you have to follow at every cost. Without them, you cannot even think of surviving in the UAE with a successful business.

They will also negotiate on your behalf with the authorities so that they can provide you with any new law or regulatory which you are not aware of. They are happy to hear that their clients are happy and satisfied with their services because building a trust with the clients is important is really necessary otherwise no one can ever stand up a successful business. They are dedicated and they put their clients at the priority. They treat your company as their own and strive for excellence of it. So that you can out full focus on your business. Their integrity is based on the clients’ trust.