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Food Photography: Yay or Nay?

With the increasing use of cameras and smartphones and both merged into one, people have run out of things to take pictures of. This is why food photography in Dubai is creating hype as much as it is in several other countries! But does it not seem to disrespect the food and some kind of a crazy obsession of taking pictures of food rather than eating it. Making it up, setting it and presenting it for several hours, taking a billion pictures and then, in the end, posting one picture of the foods you are having for lunch? Is that not obsession and a mental disorder. These days on every table there is an idiot that want no one to touch their food until he takes a picture of it and posts it on their Instagram captioning a cheesy (no pun intended) caption and yearning for likes!

Can you imagine that the simple hash tag ‘food’ has over 11 million pictures! 11 million times someone had to wait to eat their food so that some other person can take a picture and post it to Instagram? Imagine how many times the owner of food will be extremely hungry and be willing to kill the photographer! Is this not obnoxious! Other popular hash tags include “foodporn” (yes that’s a word now), “yum gaum” (yes that is too!) and “dessert”.

According to webstream; a website that ranks insta images by popularity, food scores many times with many different hash tags. Speaking of which, do you not think they shouldn’t mix food with sex?

It is now a cliché that everybody considers themselves as a foodie. To them foodie means going to a restaurant, ordering a lot of food most of which shall be wasted (sorry kids in Africa) only to take pictures and put them up on Instagram and other social websites! You will not believe that the world today considers “food photography” a highly paid job. Imagine years from now hiring a food photographer especially in your wedding to take pictures of food only?

Poor food is now not only used for gaining energy, it is consumed as art and a form or dirty satisfaction!

Now days, it is easy to tempt people with the delicious food they take pictures of but sometimes it can actually be a hoax. Like you can take pictures of a beautiful model but you will never know how her nature is, in the same way, you can yum gaum all over pictures but they will not always taste good!

Food photographers defend themselves and say that it shows the depths of the food the chef has given and it makes the viewer's mouth water and stomach rumble. No doubt it does, but what about the greedy eyes of the person next to you while you take the picture?

Food blogging or food photography is the hip thing these nonunderstandable kids have brought about in the market! Do you approve of the idea or are you against it?