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Popular Turkish Food Dishes Worth Tasting

Turkish food is fast making a name in the culinary system. The blend of flavors and elements are blended mutually to form meals historically inspired by lots of cultures like the Greeks, Balkans, and Ottomans. Traditional food will change from region to region. Turkish restaurant Jumeirah - The Bosporus enables you to get to eat popular Turkish food meals.

Top Turkish Food Meals to Try

Corba : Great tasting Soup

Popular turkish food dishesIt might be hard to trust. However the simple soup dish is extremely popular in Turkey so don't be amazed to find some Turks consuming it for breakfast time. Popular alternatives are lentil or tomato soup but if you are ambitious with your personal culinary preferences try tripe, sheep tongue or brain soup. Black colored cabbage soup is traditional.

Kumpir : Baked Potato

It is a road food that is popular in the beach area resorts and metropolitan areas. It is merely a coat potato with a clean outer pores and skin, mashed up with butter. Select a variety of fillings, including mozzarella cheese, Russian salad, pickles, and sausage. You should also try Ortakoy.

Pide or Lahmacun

Pide is a favorite dish. A slender crust of pastry is protected with toppings including parmesan cheese, egg, diced meats, fowl or tuna and then it is said to a higher heat stone range. The nearest comparative American food is pizza. Another lighter version is lahmacun. Both are usually dished up with salad. That is an excellent option for vegetarians as much fillings can be found.

Kofte : Meatballs

Turkish kebabsIt is the Turkish version of tasteful meatballs. Bought from a cover as road food or dished up on a dish with grain and salad in restaurants. There are various types of kofte and their style will vary with regards to the region that menu hails from. Kofte is uncommon as it is natural meatballs from the southern east of Turkey and they are traditionally ingested as a treat or appetizer.

Baklava: Great Pastry

Most likely the most popular Turkish food is baklava that will suit a person with sweet teeth. Taking it effect from the Ottoman Empire, it is tiers of filo pastries, filled up with nut products and then protected with a nice honey or syrup.


A couple of more than 40 different kinds of kebabs in Turkey, however, the most popular is the original street kebab. Large skewers of spinning chicken or meat are cooked little by little before the make pieces stripes from the exterior of the skewer, places them in a pastry cover, and then fills it with onions, lettuce, and tomato vegetables. This kebab is particularly scrumptious with one glass of Ayran. (Yogurt, sodium and normal water.)

Mezes : Appetizers

Typically eaten before meals or independently as a treat. Popular mezes include a hot paste created from peppers, chilly aubergine salad, and cacik. Mezes are also the original food offered in the Meyhanes of Istanbul.