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Take Away & Delivery Alternatives in Dubai

One of the best things of Dubai high life is the easy availability of all types of food and cuisine of your choice. You can have a hot box delivered right at your door step to satisfy your hungry tummy. If you are stuck in your office, or don’t feel like cooking at home, you can open the Foodclub website to place an order. We have created a guide to the tastiest options for food delivery from restaurants in Dubai, as per our ratings. You can try one of these to fulfill your cravings, or browse through hundreds of eateries offering thousands of dishes. 


The options are unlimited when it comes to burgers, but these three are ordered by most of our customers.

Burger Fuel

They offer a range of char-grilled chicken topped with fresh vegetables, Dijon mustard, cheese sauce, and their famous aioli. You can also switch the bun with lettuce wraps to decrease the carbs.

Elevation Burger

The fries are cooked with olive oil and the burgers have layers of juicy beef. A must try thing!


If you are in Jumeirah , these are the best burgers worth breaking diet for. You can try their caramel shake as well.

Online Food Delivery Chinese

If you are craving for Chinese cuisine in Dubai, try one of these options providing the real taste of the region.

Chin Chin

They provide loads of chicken feasts with chili dry, chop suey style, blackbean sauce with veggie options.

Chop Suey

They are considered as one of the best takeouts for Sweet & Sour Chicken. Their crispy duck is also rating high.

Noodle Box

They have no MSG or any other processed food. Their dishes are a great option for office lunch. You will get a fresh Chinese meal from their kitchen.

Healthy Treats

77 Veggie Boutique

If you want an all veggies lunch at your dinner table, consider their family resto with right kind of carbs.


It is a perfect choice for health and calories conscious people. They don’t serve anything fried. Their menu is breakdown as per calories content. Their Vietnamese Spring Rolls are a must to try.

Live’ly Express

If you want freshest ingredients try their low-fat pizzas without the calories and burst of flavors.

Tidjoori Biorganic and Vegan Restaurant

This is a new restaurant opened in Dubai Marina delivering delicious vegan food with a mouthwatering menu. Their chocolate ganache cake is highly recommended.


Biryani Pot

This restaurant opened on Jumeirah Beach Road offers desi food of bustling Indian street markets. You can enjoy contemporary twist of fastfood in clay pots.

Brit Balti

You can have curries filled with spices and enjoy the hot dishes delivered at your doorstep.

Curry Box
Their Paneer Tikka Masala is the most delicious dish you can try today.

This Indian eatery is renowned as the best in Dubai. You can have their DumPukth at your dinner table.

Indian Palace
If you are craving for garlic naan with butter chicken or pilau rice, this restaurant can serve your desires.

You can get authentic Indian flavors in dal tadka and chicken tikka. They have an extensive menu available to try.

Rupee Room
You can have a British twist on Indian food. Try their onion bhajis, tikka masala, black lentils with ginger and garlic curries.


Sushi Art

If you are planning to have sushi for your lunch, try their Ceviche, wasabi coleslaw, spring rolls and hand rolls today.

Sushi Counter

They offer simply delicious sashimi, sushi, and other Japanese dishes.

Middle Eastern

Just Falafel

You can try organic salads, sandwiches and fantastic variety of falafel with a healthy dollop of Tahina.

Man’oushe Street

Their Lebanese food is must to have with homemade labneh and humous. Try Fattoush salad and Nutella wrap as well.

Zaatar W Zeit

They offer a great range of pizzas, salads, and delicious Manakeesh with spices, herbs, and toppings. Their Halloumi In The Pan is must to try.


They are offering the best Middle Eastern food inspired by Arabic street. Their garlicy charcoal grilled chicken shawarma is amazing!


800 Pizza

Their thin crust and variety of flavors will leave you spellbound.

Freedom Pizza

The light pizza without any sugar and filled with tender chicken is out of this world. You must try their BBQ dips.

Pizza Express

They have a delicious combination of different bases and ingredients. Try their crispy bruschetta and juicy salad as well.


They offer an authentic version with classic touch. Their fresh basil, buffalo mozzarella and tomato filled pizza is literally amazing.

Sandwiches & Lunches

Picnic Basket

You can order a healthy lunch full of freshly-made sandwiches, wraps, and snacks.

Rice Creamery

They offer a very tasty variety of Rice Creamery and Pudding with amazing flavors such as Caramel Crazy, Bananas for Toffee, and Coconut Paradise.