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Top Five Car Hire Tips for First-Timers

Doing anything for the first time can be nerve wrecking and stressful. For many people they combat this nervousness by doing a lot of research on the thing they are about to do, gathering as much information as possible in order to know what to expect and limit any opportunity for surprise or unexpected complications that they were unprepared for. Much like what YOU are doing right now. Car hire UAE for the first time can be daunting, you are already bombarded with deciding which agency to use, which car to get and many more. To make matters easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top five tips for first-time car hirers. Hopefully this list enables you to make better choices, feel more at ease and save some money while we are at it.

Have Your Documentation Ready

When you are looking to get a rental car in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE there are certain documents you need to present before you will be allowed to rent a car, namely: your passport, visitor’s visa, home country driver's license, and an International Driving Permit. Without these documents you won’t be able to get a rental.

Check the Car

Check the Car Thoroughly

Before leaving the parking lot with your rental car, make sure you examine the car inside and out and make sure there are no scratches, dents or any kind of damage the rental agent is not aware of. You do not want to leave the lot and later be charged for damage done to the vehicle by the person who rented it before you.

Try Hiring A Car Brand You Know

Driving in a new city is stressful enough as it is. It is unlikely you will be able to get the exact brand and model car that you usually drive and are familiar with. Instead try to hire a car that is at least the same brand as your car back home. By doing this you will not be entirely unfamiliar with how the car operates.

Avoid Getting Insurance

This is not a drill, do not take out the insurance offered by the rental agency. If you have car insurance on your own personal vehicle, that insurance extends to your rental car as well. If you do not have insurance on a personal vehicle, it will be a good idea to take the insurance the rental agency has to offer.

Check for Discounts

Check for Discounts or Membership Programs

You may not be aware of this, but if you have a credit card you are likely accumulating points for just using your card every day, that can be used for an array of things, one of which is car rentals. Other lifestyle membership cards or programs may also be partnered with hotels, airlines and car rental agencies. Be sure to find out if you qualify for any discounts and use them. Rent a car in Abu Dhabi price tags can be quite hefty, so ensure you follow the step of finding the best deal.

These are our pro tips to help first timers like you to get the best deal on any rental car, we hope you found them helpful and able to ease some of your nervousness now. Happy travels!