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What is cataract surgery?

Cataract Surgery in DubaiCataract is the opacity or clouding of the lens that lie inside the eye, between the pupil and iris. It is unarguably the highest cause of loss of vision for people in their 40s and above. Not surprisingly, it’s the main cause of blindness the world over.

The lens is usually clear in a typical eye. It plays a very important role by focusing light rays at the retina, which communicates to the brain for proper sight. But this lens may become somehow cloudy when cataract is developing. This prevents the retinal from receiving the light rays, which leads to blindness.

Cataract is not a sudden occurrence. It comes gradually with minor experience of blurred vision until it generates into complete blindness. That is why it’s important to discover it on time to carry out cataract surgery before it becomes incurable.

It has been discovered that the major cause of cataract is aging. However, genetics, ocular trauma, inflammation, and diabetes cause also cause cataract.

Once the patience start having series of blurred vision which interferes in their activities, the best solution is a surgical process.

There are several medical facilities where cataract surgery in Dubai can be carried out. Prominent among them is the Quirónsalud eye care clinic in Dubai, where there are qualified specialists that handle situations like this.

QuirónsaludThe surgical process is not a rigorous one. It is carried out after the patient has received local anesthesia. After about 10 minutes, the entire process is complete, then the patience begins healing process. The patience can recover their full sight within days after undergoing the surgery.

The most important thing is to understand the early signs of cataract. Once the eye doctor has confirmed the problem is cataract, the surgical procedure is a very simple one.

The surgery is painful, but since the patience is given anesthesia before surgery, they shouldn’t feel any pain. Those who have cataract on their both eyes should not have both surgeries the same time. It is better to hold on until the first eye has healed completely before undergoing surgery for the second eye. When patients have noticed a clearer vision on their first surgery, they can proceed with the second surgery.

Side effects of the surgery

In most cases, the side effects of cataract surgery are very mild. It’s usual to experience dry eye sensation or pupil dilation during the first few days after the surgery. But they usually disappear when the patience has completely healed form the surgery.