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Why Gluten Free?

customized cake dubaiBeing able to work with gluten free ingredients is an art and also a challenge for all, it’s not just a simple job of swapping over the ingredients and changing the recommended amounts. We are talking about a whole new recipe from start to finish. With there being over several different types of gluten free flour, the choice is a difficult one. There is a huge difference between the quality of gluten free flours, from protein sources, textures and flavours. It important to get the perfect mixture to ensure you still get the light and fluffy texture.  

When looking for the perfectly baked gluten free customized cake in Dubai, it is important to contact a specialist for a professional outcome, Piece of cake Dubai have an expert team who specialise in gluten, diary and wheat free baking.  
There is far much more awareness these days about gluten allergies, that we have many more options and substitutes. 

Why is gluten free baking so complicated? 

Gluten free backing is not just about switching the flower as previously mentioned. It’s about choosing the right mix of flavours and ingredients that will give the same impact as general flour. Gluten free flours tend to be slightly pricier than regular wheat flours, this is due to the manufacturing difference of the two products. Farmers are given funding to grow wheat, which means they can sell it for less flours to avoid:

Bulgur, club, durum, einkorn, kamut, semolina, spelt, triticale.These are all different types of wheat. 
If in doubt about oats, stay clear. There is a chance that oats may be okay for people with little gluten sensitivity, but for people with celiac disease or who must eat no gluten at all. I’d say it’s a no go. 
Make sure you check the labels on all ingredients before you purchase, if it is not clearly stated find a product that is. It’s definitely not worth the risk.