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Why one needs an Orthodontists?


An orthodontist is a person that deals with all the dental problems and issues. Whenever suffering from a dental problem the only person you need to visit is a Best orthodontist in Dubai. Starting from the very young age people start to suffer from dental conditions that need to be observed and treated. Children due to eating a lot of sweet stuff develop cavities or other dental problems and all of these problems need to be addressed before they could become painful.

Role of orthodontist

An orthodontist is actually a specialist in the dental field. He deals with the dental deformities. Like misplaced teeth or deformed and uneven teeth line. Such deformities can be present with you from you childhood or some people acquire it during some accident. A beautiful smile comes from perfect teeth and perfect teeth are those that are in the straight array and your whole set of teeth is exactly where it is supposed to. But due to some incidents in life our teeth might get deformed coming in the way of our perfect smile. But this deformation is no longer a problem when you can find an orthodontist. An orthodontist can help you with deformed teeth by application of braces.


Braces are also known as cases and these are used in the alignment of uneven teeth. It helps with the problems of underbites, overbites, cross bites etc. In under bites the upper jaw in under the lower jaw making lower jaw protrude outward and vice versa in overbites while in cross bites the jaw make a cross make upper jaw more outward from front and opposite on the molars premolars. These things become the reason of an ugly smile and don’t make you feel confident about your own smile and for these reasons braces are the best solution. Braces are of different types based on the type you prefer and also on the need of the type of alignment required.

  • Metal wire braces are most typically used braces. You must have noticed a wire on teeth of some people that are exactly the metal braces.  They are made up of stainless steel and in some cases titanium as well. Aluminium braces are also used and are more preferred because they are lighter than stainless steel but efficacy is exactly the same. Braces can be a little painful since alignment of teeth is not an easy job.
  • Clear braces are for those people who don’t want their braces to be seen as they don’t consider the view of their braces pretty. Brackets of these braces are made of ceramic and creams and thus these braces camouflage themselves in the natural colour of teeth. But these braces can be little expensive than regular braces. But since no money is worth a beautiful smile you should definitely go for these braces.
  • Invisible braces are also an option which cannot be seen at all since they are applied on the inner side of teeth and works exactly the same.

While living in Dubai all these above types of braces you can get from the best orthodontist in Dubai which are none other than Dental Direct. Go ahead and find the world best orthodontist from dental direct to restore your perfect smile back.