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Why Tooth Decay Appeares

Tooth decay has always been a problem and even those who had no tooth decay long time, sooner or later, will meet it. In dentistry, there is such a thing as a “carious period”. The special development of caries occurs in this period. Basically, tooth decay starts because of changes in the level of the gums or changes in the composition of saliva.

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Tooth decay can develop easily at the root of the tooth, why does it happen?

The development of caries on the root of the tooth is often associated with its structure. The enamel that covers the tooth ends in the place where the gum starts. Therefore, the tooth root is not protected. If the gums are slightly away from the tooth, exposing the root, caries develops very quickly, because the root of the tooth has fewer minerals than the tooth itself and therefore it is much “softer”.

The level of the gum changes because of many reasons. Basically, the gum decreases with age and by reason of gum diseases. For example, periodontal disease, bruxism. In addition, the decrease in the level of the gums a wrong cleaning of teeth or hard toothbrush can cause.  Gum diseases often occur due to lack of effective cleaning of the oral cavity. NOA Dental Clinic offers you to visit a dental clinic in Dubai for treatment and prevention of caries.

The primary antiseptic in the oral cavity is saliva. For caries, it is the main enemy. Saliva contains substances that destroy acids produced by bacteria, as well as antibacterial agents that fight against pathogenic bacteria. Tooth decay can occur because of the decrease in the quantity and quality of saliva. The decrease in saliva starts to age, however, if you feel bad taste in the mouth in the morning and a small amount of saliva, pay more attention to brushing teeth before the sleep. Except for age-related problems, reduction of the quantity of saliva can be related to the prolonged use of antibiotics.

There are several types of caries:

  • Deep
  • Medium
  • Surface

In order to prevent the appearance of caries, it is necessary to limit intake of sweet food. Sugar often destroys tooth enamel and causes tooth decay. Lack of oral hygiene causes the development of bacteria.

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Types of treatment:

  • Treatment of caries of the tooth’s surface or root is a rather difficult task. In the early stages of the disease, applications of a 10% solution of calcium gluconate and 2% sodium fluoride are used on the place of caries. These procedures should be carried out in the dental office. After these procedures, do not eat for about 2 hours.
  • Medium and deep caries is removed with the help of a drill, and after removal, the carious cavity is sealed.

In order to prevent the caries, promptly contact your dentist and follow the oral hygiene. Be attentive to the health of your teeth, because simple prevention is nicer than treatment of caries.