Butcher's Bar

Steaks, Burgers, Smoked Briskets, Aged Prime Ribs and Jerky Meats.

Elites&Meats Testimonials

“We enjoyed our evening at Elites&Meats on a Friday night. It was very busy, but we got enough attention from staff. Food quality was exceptional, I always pay attention to temperature of hot dishes and I wasn't disappointed this time. Music was light and pleasant, not louder than people's voice, we didn't have to scream in order to hear each other. We had a good time. Thank you!”



“The menu looked very typical, but the outcome was surprising. The actual steaks are similar in every steak house, but I appreciated sides, sauces and fresh presentation. The chef offers ambitious taste combinations and does it professionally. I will definitely come back for new gastronomic impressions!”



“Me and my friends usually go out for fun rather than food. We were very welcome at a place, the Overt Room was busy and almost full. We had signature burgers and platters, which were all delicious. I will be happy to celebrate my birthday at Elites&Meats next weekend. Can't wait!”



“I've been to both dining rooms and liked them both, however, the Clubby Room seems to be better for couples and family dinners. I like the concept of a laconic menu, in which a guest cannot get lost. I also find that a sommelier is very helpful and professional. His valuable recommendations are always exact and accurate. Tank you for the high service level.”



“The place is very cozy and comfortable. I felt there like at friends' place. Staff is very friendly but never excessively familiar. Steaks were juicy, spicy and beefy. Home made sauces were fresh, rich and perfect for the chosen meats. The place is perfect for meat lovers!”