Butcher's Bar

Steaks, Burgers, Smoked Briskets, Aged Prime Ribs and Jerky Meats.

Elites&Meats Rooms

Elites&Meats have designed two different dining rooms for banquettes, parties, business meetings and celebratory events.


Clubby roomThe Clubby Room

The hall is created for long romantic evenings, cozy family celebrations and important business appointments. Ambient lighting, warm pastel colors, candles and comfortable soft seats dispose to leisured conversations and sincere atmosphere. The Clubby Room is a perfect solution for guests, who look for a cozy calm place to enjoy food, a glass of wine and a pleasant company.




Overt roomThe Overt Room

The room is a dynamic and mobile space for communicable parties, socializing, big and small parties. Furnishing allows to adjust the place to specific customer needs, accommodating a big amount of guests. Bright color accents and up-to-date music create an energetic atmosphere, so our guests can enjoy their meals, beers and a company.